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Romsey Golf Course
  • Par 5
  • Yards 490
  • Stroke Index 8

Hole Planner

Hole map


A tough finishing hole that needs a well struck drive favouring the right side, followed by a second up the left. Course management is very important here so judge your second to be short of the bunker on the right, which is 420 yards from the tee. The practice ground is not out of bounds so err left rather than right. This will then open up the green for a short iron. The green is slightly above you so ensure that you take enough club.

Pro's tip

The finishing par 5 all uphill with a demanding tee shot which favours a right to left ball flight. The second shot is guarded by a large fairway bunker which must be avoided at all costs. A tricky green sloping from back to front and guarded by 2 greenside bunkers.