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Dress Code

A minimum standard of smart casual dress is required in all areas of the Clubhouse at all times. Playing wear is only acceptable if it has not become damp or soiled in any way during the course of play. Caps are never permitted in the Clubhouse.

All visitors to Romsey Golf Club are requested to respect the standards enjoyed by the Members when using the course and clubhouse.

On the Course

Golf wear or other suitable golf clothing on the course. Tailored shorts may be worn with calf length predominantly white sports socks, knee length socks or white trainer liners.

Not Acceptable on the Course:

  • Jeans
  • Tracksuits
  • Training Type shoes
  • Trousers tucked into socks
  • Shirts outside trousers or shorts
  • “Football” style shirts
  • Singlets
  • Abbreviated (eg athletic type) Shorts
  • Shorts MUST be worn with white ankle socks, trainer socks or knee length socks, ladies may be exempted depending on shorts.

In the Clubhouse and Dining Area

Jacket, collar and tie or smart casual clothing must be worn in the dining area or clubhouse unless otherwise stated.

Please note trainers or denim of any description are not permitted on the Course or in the Clubhouse.

The management requests co-operation regarding dress code in order to avoid the embarrassment which is inevitably caused to all concerned when it becomes necessary to request departure due to failure to conform to an acceptable standard of dress.

Mobile Phones - Are not permitted to be used on the golf course and must be on silent mode in the clubhouse.

Rules, Local Rules and Etiquette.

  • Visitors are requested to strictly observe and abide by the Rules of Golf at all times.
  • Players should play without delay.
  • The player having the honour will tee off immediately the players ahead are out of range.
  • Players should walk directly to their own ball.
  • Society members are expected to 'find' a lost ball well within the allowed 5 minutes.
  • Replace fairway divots, rake bunkers on leaving, pitch marks on greens must be repaired.
  • All Society members are expected to carry a pitch repair tool.
  • Care will be taken on removal and replacement of the flagstick.
  • On completion of the hole, all players will leave the green immediately: scorecards should be marked at the next tee.

Trolleys are not allowed on Tees or Greens. During winter months a trolley ban may be in place; this should be checked with the Professional on arrival.

All Society members will be fully aware of all Local Rules, as printed on the Scorecard, or as displayed on notice boards.

Society members are responsible for their guests' observance of Dress Code.